The winner of my "Keep Blue Sea" Challenge is...

I'd like to thank you for participating my challenge!
All of your creations are Wonderful and I love them:)

Thanks again to...

4. Jolette
5. Yuki
6. Beth

Godelieve & Laura.O !!

I used random.org for drawing the winner. and the winner is....

I made more for Earth Day challenge!

Hello! ...Only but STILL 10 minutes left for OBP Earth Day Challenge:)
All of you are very creative and I enjoy seeing everyone's wonderful creations!
OBPのEarth Dayチャレンジのエントリー〆切りも残り10分となりました。いやまだ10分ありますよ!可能な限りエントリーしてみてくださいね。

These are my trial for Nicole's "re-purposed packaging into a craft project".
I found old tea can, so I decorated it like this:)

I love Nicole's choice of stamp for this layout, so I used same stamps:)
Stamps: Lovely skull n bones, you rock(jj mix), circus star(OBP)

Here is another for Laura. O & Kathi's Challenge.
Laura. O's challenge is "Landscape challenge" (Create a stamped project featuring outdoor scenery ) &
Kathi's challenge is "re-use plastics"

I stamped sentiments on old ATC sleeve(plastics) with StazOn opaque.

Stamps: spring tree, stems, kelly's dandelion, little nora, little cloud, lizette left(OBP)

Last one is this!
I tried Kim.S's "Alminum foil challenge"
It is very fun to use alminum foil:)
Stamps: Cupcake creature, greetings earthling(OBP)
Thanks for looking!


Tracy's Rainbow challenge!

Here is a card for Tracy's Rainbow Challenge:)
Thanks, Tracy for fun challenge!

TracyさんのRainbow challengeです☆虹は大好きなモチーフなので嬉しいです♪

Stamps: earth, space owl, rainbow, take care of our earth(Odd Bird Planet)

Marnie's Reuse Magazine challenge!

This is the card I made for Marnie's "Reuse Magazine" challenge!
I cut out palm tree photo page from magazine and embossed it with cuttlebug.
Recently, I do LOVE embossing with cuttlebug:)

これはMarnieさんの"Reuse Magazine"チャレンジに作ったカードです☆

stamps: cactus owl, owl always love you(Odd Bird Planet)
coloring with copic markers.
Thanks for Looking!

Teresa's Old Text challenge

Hi! Earth Day was over now, but you can still make your creations until April 23, 23:59(PDT)!Please enjoy!

Earth Dayは終わりましたがチャレンジのエントリーは約24時間後、日本時間4/24(金)、明日15:59まで可能です:)これからでも十分間に合います☆是非ご参加くださいね。

You can also check the challenges in detail at OBP's Group area of Paper Craft Planet.

Here is my card for Teresa's Old Text Challenge!
I used weather forecast page of Japanese newspaper.

こちらはTresaさんのOld Text(古い本、新聞、雑誌、楽譜etc)を使うチャレンジの為に作ったカードです日本語の新聞を使いたいなと思い、天気予報の部分を使ってみました:)

Suzy's Brown Paper Bag Challenge!

Here 's a card making for Suzy's Brown Paper Bag Challenge:)
お次はSuzyさんのBrown Paper Bag Challengeです。

Stamps: Edwina cardinal left, Edwina cardinal right, ladybug trio, cathrine's string of hearts, birdhouse a frame, shrubbery(Odd Bird Planet)

I tore brown paper bag into a small piece, embossed with cuttlebug and inked up!
TFL! enjoy stamping!

Godelieve's Natural Beauty challenge

Hello! Are you having a fun time??

I made this card for Godelive's "Natural Beauty" challenge.

I took this picture yesterday morning (I often take a picture of my garden every morning!).
I love this small but cute viola named "pink diamond" very much!
Lovely fairy is now having a nap among flowers:)

Thank you for fun challenge, Godelieve!

Godelieveさんの"Natural Beauty"チャレンジに挑戦してみました☆
リンクStamps: kelly's sleeping fairy left, michelle's big scroll, cathrine's flower box, big nora, small nora(discontinued):all the stamps from Odd Bird Planet

coloring with copic markers/stamping with StazOn opaque on photo
Thanks for looking!


Earth Day Extravaganza-Rina's Keep Sea Blue challenge!

Hi, girls:)
Earth Day Extravaganza@ Odd Bird Planet is now started...Hoolay!

とうとうOBP主催のEarth Day Extravaganzaが始まりました!

At first....Look! How blue & beautiful this beach is!
Last month, I've been to Kabira beach, Ishigakijima(small tropical island in Japan) for holidays.
Under the sea, you can find lots of tropical fishes and coral reef!


I love blue beautiful sea very much,
so my challenge for Earth Day is

- to use blue colors
-to use stamp images anything related to the sea(like fish, boat, etc)

Cards, ATCs...anything is OK! Please enjoy!

You can use any kind of rubber stamps you have:)
Do you have OBP stamps? why not using them for this challenge!

こんな青く美しい海が大好きなので今回のEarth Dayの私のチャレンジは




Here are my samples:
Stamps: Chanel right, gaston left, Philippe le fish left,short christmas cactus ,christmas coral
(Odd Bird Planet)

Stamps: fancy jellyfish, Oh octopus, Lilli seahorse left, Stormy waves, Kelly's multi branch lolly tree(Odd Bird Planet)
All you have to do is create a card for the challenge and leave a comment here with a link to your creation. You can enter any or all of the challenges as many times as you like until the cut off at midnight (PDT time) on 4/23.


One winner from each of the challenges will receive an Earth stamp. That one winner will then be entered into the drawing for one of the grand prizes:

o One winner will receive $100 in Odd Bird Planet stamps

o One winner will receive $50 in Odd Bird Planet stamps

o Five winners will receive a 25% discount coupon when they place a Odd Bird Planet order.


・3等賞: 25% OFFでアメリカのOBPからスタンプを購入する権利(5名)


Here's the schedule (all times are PDT), challenge hostesses, and their blog urls:


6:00 am – 9:00 am
(日本時間4/22(水) 22:00-4/23(木) 1:00)
Rina, Sparkle, Suzy, Godelieve

9:00 am – 12:00 pm
(日本時間4/23(木) 1:00-4:00)
Nicole, Tracy, Dianne

12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
(日本時間4/23(木) 4:00-7:00)
Kim, Kathi, Tanis

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
(日本時間4/23(木) 7:00-10:00)
Beth, Marnie, Teresa

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
(日本時間4/23(木) 10:00-13:00)

9:00 pm – 12:00 am
(日本時間4/23(木) 13:00-16:00)

Have fun!


Earth Day Extravaganza!

I have a news today:)

This Wednesday, on April 22nd,
Odd Bird Planet will celebrate Earth Day!-it is called Earth Day Extravaganza!
Several OBP DT members will be hosting challenges on their blogs, complete with prizes!
I will host a challenge, too:)

Last year we also had Earth Day Extravaganza and it was so FUN!
Let's play & have fun together:)


昨年に引き続き、OBPのDesign Teamのメンバーが主催するEarth Dayを祝うイベント、Earth Day Extravaganzaが明日4/22(水)に今年も開催されます☆Earth Dayにちなんだテーマでスタンプ作品を作りまくる!という楽しいイベントです。もちろん賞品も♪




KS Crew Challenge#11

Hi, everyone!
I made this monochromatic card for KS Crew Challenge #11 this morning.

The challenge is to
-Make a card or a project with using monochromatic color scheme.
-Incorporate a dimensional material (s) into a card or a project.

I do want to challenge this, because my friend Makiko is the guest hostess of this challege!
...and I found that she won KS Crew challenge again!!Way to go, Makiko:)

今朝駆け込みで(爆)初めてKitchen Sink Stampsのカードチャレンジに挑戦しました☆
Kitchen Sink Stampsは大好きなメーカーのひとつです♪


Stamps: 3 Step Pansy(Kitchen Sink Stamps)

Thanks for looking today!


Odd Bird Planet-SPRING SALE!

Now, Odd Bird Planet is having a Spring Sale running until April 8th.
All stamps below are 30% off!!
You can't miss it!!
Buzz and Neil #1497E
Cadet Left #1498B
Cadet Right #1499B
Helen Left #1491H
Helen Right #1493H
Lenny Left #1495A
Lenny Right #1496A
Moonrocks #149
Triton Fishbird Right #1490F
Wig Row #1494H
3 balls #1504G
Audrey Clown Right #1505E
Larry Strongbird #1500J
Merry Troupe #1508Q
Seal Left #1506G
Seal Right #1507G
3 stands #1512O
Balloon Boy Billy #1517I
Bernardina #1515G
Burnin' Ring #1510J
Charmed Charmer #1514F
Pointy Hats #1516Q
Ring Leader #1513I
Triton Fishbird Left #1519F
Audrey Clown Left #1528E
Blaster Right #1529AA
Circus Star #1527AA
Hugo Surly Bird Left #1524K
Kerry's Bomb #1523BB
Kim's Cupcake #1526BB
Lance Top Hat Bird Left #1520D
Lance Top Hat Bird Right #1521D
Reed #1522C
10 ton weight #1532A
Bar Bell #1531C
Bird Head #1535C
Blaster Left #1530AA
Cannon Left #1534A
Cannon Right #1533A
Joy Falling Squirrel Left #1538C
Joy Falling Squirrel Right #1539C
NC's Jack O' Lantern #1537C
Star Stand #1536BB
Flying Squirrel Left #1540D
Flying Squirrel Right #1541D
Nibbles Squirrel with Nut Left #1548B
Nibbles Squirrel with Nut Right #1549B
Simon Top Hat Squirrel Left #1544E
Simon Top Hat Squirrel Right #1545E
Winston Bowler Bird Left #1543I
Winston Bowler Bird Right #1542I
WoodrowWestern Duckie Left #1547I
Woodrow Western Duckie Right #1546I
Chilly Winter Penguin #1554E
Clown Owl #1552B
Hugo Surly Bird Right #1551K
Kevin Royal Penguin #1555D
Leslie Party Bird #1553C
Mr Wilson Hat and Tie Bird #1559H
Nathan Flamingo Left #1557F
Nathan Flamingo Right #1558F
Petey Bowler Penguin #1550E
Priscilla Scuba Cat #1556F
Brawny Strongbird #1560H
Cherry Ice Cream #1562BB
Clown Head #1561D
Double Scoop #1563A
NC's Banner #1566D
Prscilla with Net Cat #1567J
Priscilla with Paintbrush Cat #1568F
Row of Balls #1565I
Single Scoop #1564BB
Candy Cane Tree #387Q
Here is my ATC using the stamp "Mr.Wilson Hat and Tie Bird"!
I love him very much:)
Thanks for looking today!
Have a nice weekend!