R.I.P Michael...

I used to ....no!...I LOVE Michael's Music very much.
Today he passed away...I'm so sad.
But I believe he is still alive in our hearts!
R.I.P Michael!!
Love you forever!

Stamps: Tim Holtz(Ranger), Invoke Arts, Hampton Art
Making background with Acrylic paints, Distress ink, Crackle paint, etc.
Thanks for looking today!
have a nice weekend.

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joei さんのコメント...

Rina san, sharing the same spirits with you !

ミーシャ さんのコメント...

I had dance and dance on his musics when I was a university student. I can't believe news...

Forever Michael.

Rina さんのコメント...


Same as you!!!聞くと踊らざるには、歌うざるにはいかないですよね(笑)